Lisbon is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it feels so good to go in search of something new. To go see new beaches, waves, and cities.

We know that your curious to visit Ericeira, and see the powerfull waves breaking on a rock bottom, or to see the famous beach of Supertubes in Peniche, where the best Surfers in the world, like Kelly Slater, Gabriel Medina, and John John Florence battle it out every year in amazing barrels.You will be amazed by the power, beauty and grace of the Atlantic Ocean when you stand in the natural amphitheater of Nazaré, and feel waves, tall as buildings, crushing against the cliffs.

And to really soak in all of the Surfing lifestyle, nothing like getting in the water at the end of the day, sun coming down, getting the wave of your life with the colors of the sunset reflecting in the water, and getting out of the water in peace with yourself and the world. Pure zen!

You can choose between:


Portugal is so small that we can do all of this in one day and still be back in Lisbon for the party!
For prices and schedules, please contact us, as this Surftrips are costumized to the number of participants.

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